Kevin Wood LMT


If you have landed on this page I'm going to guess you are looking for a good massage therapist. Excellent!

Let me start by telling you about myself and why massage is my passion.

Entering the massage field came as a surprise to me and was a major shift in my life. As I started my massage training a flame was lit in me and a passion quickly developed. As my skills improved and my training advanced I knew that I had found my calling and that helping people feel better was the right place for me. I became a New York State licensed massage therapist in early 2016 and since that time have been helping people get back to feeling their best and honing my craft in a spa environment.  

Now I'm shifting my focus to helping people feel better and reducing pain in my own practice while gaining more knowledge to better serve you. I have witnessed clients reporting less pain and increased range of motion as well as feeling entirely relaxed after getting off my massage table and I look forward to offering these benefits to you. 

I'm looking forward to being part of your wellness journey!